Client visits

To gain a full understanding of you and your company background and culture, we will visit your company both at the beginning of and throughout our business relationship to ensure we are working to fulfil your changing needs.

Your vacancies and temporary assignments

We will visit every new client when we take a vacancy and for each new department we will meet the team/people that our successful candidate will be working for.
We will take a detailed assignment and person specification for each position to help us supply the best temporary team member for your company. We will phone every client within 1 hour of working on a vacancy/assignment with an update of suitable candidates and arrange immediate interviews with suitable candidates.
Terms for every vacancy will be agreed and confirmed in writing before any interview activity.
We will gain honest and open feedback on the candidates forwarded for an interview via a debrief form, involving you in the recruitment process.
We will confirm the Job description/specification before advertising and all prices and charges are agreed in writing.

In-depth selection process for permanent postions

Careful consideration will be given to finding the most suitable person for your position through detailed discussions about the role and company and ascertaining commitment, enthusiasm and suitability. We will only submitting a small selection of core candidates per vacancy, all of whom will have been screened for suitability
For permanent positions, we will NOT put candidates forward if we are aware of any reason why they cannot commit to a permanent position, or if we do not feel that they are suitable for your role.
Complete inductions are given covering details of the job and background information about the client, including training on your culture and values. This helps temporary staff appreciate your standards and understand their responsibilities before they start work.

Remote recruitment

In locations where we have little or no branch representation, you will be given the option of a remote recruitment service. In this instance, we would strictly adhere to the same procedures but we would be unable to meet the candidate face to face.

Quality management program

We will measure your satisfaction with our service and quality of staff by conducting face to face service reviews, service evaluation forms and management reports.

Attraction of candidates

  • To attract good candidates we use :
  • Word of mouth
  • Advertising in colleges and universities
  • Press and media advertising
  • Branch displays
  • Direct marketing links with training organisations
  • HCS Recruitment website
  • Local and national job sites
  • Vacancies advertised on external websites
  • Vacancy details included in our weekly candidate job bulletin
  • Direct marketing is also used to target potential applicants at companies that are downsizing or relocating.
  • Benefits to clients:

  • Lowers the risks for your business
  • We closely manage our workers and are actively involved in disciplinary proceedings, dismissal etc if required
    Your employer’s liability will decrease

  • Candidate retention increases and mobile workers feel more secure in their employment
  • Helps attract a higher calibre of worker and improves continuity of quality labour
  • Candidate attraction increases
  • Personality profiling – this can be tailored to your individual needs so you can benchmark your current team and set your minimum standards. This is especially useful in customer service and/or sales roles where personality and communication skills are key
  • Our agency back-up service

    We have established relationships with other agencies in the local area and can provide a back-up service as we understand that in today’s job market no-shows are unfortunately a common occurrence, and the impact on your company can be huge. We currently have an on-call service where a member of our company is on standby 24/7 for staffing emergencies.

    Advertising vs. HCS

    Many of our clients have a misconception that using an agency is a very costly exercise. However, if you were to break down the costs involved, it can be a lot cheaper than your normal advertising method and, as an added benefit, the response time is generally a lot quicker, saving you and your colleagues time and enabling you to concentrate on other important issues.
    Advertising can be very expensive, with no guarantee of success. Newspaper advertising in particular has dramatically increased in price, yet its effectiveness has declined.
    It could take you weeks or possibly months to find the right candidate, and this could cost your company thousands in advertising, man hours and staff coverage. Our fees are based upon results and basic salaries only – we even offer a refundable period as a guarantee of our service, which I am sure you will agree makes perfect sense.

    Temp to permanent

    Staff can be employed on a temporary basis and transferred to yourselves as permanent employees at a later date.This is pre agreed with ourselves and yourself the client in advance of any job offer.

    Benefits to workers

  • The same employment rights as permanent employees, including holiday and sick pay
  • Easier to secure a mortgage/loan
  • Entitlement to family-friendly rights such as statutory maternity/paternity and parental leave
  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibilities for permanent employment
  • Gain valuable work experience
    Opportunities to work at prestigious events
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